About the SOVA Innovation Center


The SOVA Innovation Center shares and is committed to Adaptrum’s vision of achieving 100% broadband penetration world-wide.


The SOVA Innovation Center will develop, deploy and promote TVWS technologies as a solution for providing cost effective broadband access to underserved regions of the country.


Immediate Goal

  • Installation and commissioning of network equipment for the Virginia Homework Network project in Charlotte and Halifax Counties

Short Term Goal – Optimizing the Network

  • RF and wireless network planning tool development
  • Field measurement and testing for Virginia DSA network
    • Optimizing existing network performance
  • TVWS Mobility Implementation and Testing

Long Term Goal – Develop and deploy TVWS technology

  • Advanced TVWS technology, products and services development
  • Showcase TVWS technology solutions
  • Establish product/feature roadmaps
  • Establish key future initiatives
  • Field engineering and testing
  • Patent Filings and IP development
  • Grants and fund-raising efforts
  • Marketing and PR

Watch the video of the SOVA Innovation Center ribbon cutting event