SoVa Innovation Center for TVWS Development

The Opportunity

57% of the world’s population—over 4 billion people—lacks access to the internet. Lacking access to affordable internet, tens of millions in the US rely on local libraries to get online including over 5 million school children who lack internet access at home. Many others rely on similar access at local schools and other public buildings. Addressing this digital divide in rural or remote areas presents a tremendous challenge with existing technologies, but, like most challenges, also presents a significant opportunity for business, service providers, and government.

Leveraging public infrastructure such as schools, libraries, and other anchor institutions, TV Whitespace (TVWS) technology provides an affordable and scalable solution to build ubiquitous broadband networks that can connect communities to help improve employment, education, health, and safety.  Recently the Boston Consulting Group identified TVWS technologies as the most efficient solution for broadband access for 80% of rural areas in the U.S. (see figure below)

Adaptrum’s TVWS technology delivers internet at speeds that meets the definition of broadband (10Mbps/1Mbps) while also offering the combined benefits of reliable long-range connectivity to reach to the sensors, devices, and machines of the Internet of Things (IoT), supporting Adaptrum’s mission of connecting people, communities and things.

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