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The CAER research and education facility is home to INCONTROL, which focuses on research and development (R&D) in nuclear energy and associated workforce development. The mission of the INCONTROL is to:

  1. Conduct applied and basic research to create new and improved instrumentation and control technologies to ensure the safety and security of nuclear power plants.
  2. Transfer technology from the research laboratories to practical, commercial applications.
  3. Educate a new generation of students in nuclear reactor operation and control, and the design, analysis, operation, and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems.
  4. Serve the nuclear industry by providing research, technology transfer, and educational activities that support workforce training and development, as well as new technology creation and commercialization. We have from the outset established relationships with the local nuclear industry to ensure the greatest possible success for our vision. INCONTROL’s goal is to be the national leading center of excellence dedicated to the assurance of safety and security in nuclear instrumentation and control room systems.

CSSNE mission

The above image illustrates the five research and education thrust areas co-located in the CAER-INCONTROL facility to provide the necessary synergistic collaboration between the research efforts. These research areas are:

  • Advanced Configurable Control Room Research Facility
  • Human Machine Interface Systems and Technology
  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Operations
  • New Analysis and Assessment for Safety and Security Assessment
  • Advanced Digital I&C Systems and Technology