ICISI Affiliates and Members


Corporate Membership

What We Offer

As an ICISI member your organization has access to a 30,505 square foot facility with state-of-the-art digital instrumentation, control, and operational technologies, and a cadre of experts and trainers to assist in establishing, building, or improving cybersecurity products, technologies, integration and support services, and human performance in cyber defensive strategy, incident response, security architecture, and regulatory compliance. This includes the following:

  • Staging, testing, and integration laboratories designed and equipped to support a wide variety of your temporary or long-term special projects (client upgrades, new installations, technology performance evaluations, regulatory compliance, etc.)
  • A fully furnished venue for hosting your specialized training, industry or organization-specific workshops, product demonstrations, corporate meetings, and retreats, or technology events
  • Discounted ICISI training and re-packaging options (including train-the-trainer for qualified individuals)
  • Strategic and tactical support for your cybersecurity teams and projects
  • Technology showcase for products and technologies designed for use within critical infrastructure, including proof-of-concept or performance demonstrations
  • Networking with multi-disciplinary expertise, such as practitioners, educators, researchers, and thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds
  • Hiring and candidate search support through ICISI’s extensive university outreach program.

More information on membership benefits is available on the ICISI membership web site  

Individual Memberships

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