Fincastle, VA – The Botetourt County Broadband Commission announces BoCo Summit – The Rural Broadband Technology Solution Summit to take place September 25-26, 2018, at the Greenfield Education and Training Center in Daleville, Virginia. BoCo Summit will provide a connective path to the implementation of advanced, affordable, high capacity internet for all areas of Botetourt County.

“Broadband availability is a significant factor for businesses in choosing a location to operate and for citizens in choosing where to live,” said Ken McFadyen, Director of Economic Development. Over 3,000 counties nationwide seek to expand high capacity internet, thus thousands of eyes will be trained toward BoCo Summit.

“At BoCo Summit, participants will plan for the future to facilitate the deployment of rural high capacity internet,” said County Administrator Gary Larrowe. “Botetourt County looks to become ‘A Pioneer Rural Smart County’ that marries people, technology, commerce and the appreciation of natural resources.”

The Botetourt County Broadband Commission was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to facilitate the   County’s efforts of working to expand broadband internet availability throughout Botetourt.

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