As part of its mission to drive Technology Based Economic Development (TBED) in the Lynchburg region, the CAER has now established an office in the new Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance offices at 300 Lucado Place in downtown Lynchburg. The CAER will continue to maintain its presence in the New London Business and Technology Park as it works with Liberty University’s new Center for Energy Research and Education (CERE), with ICISI on cybersecurity issues for critical infrastructure and with the SOVA Innovation Center for TV White Space Broadband Development.

This second location will focus on strengthening the CAER’s ability to support the region’s economic development efforts and drive TBED activities that support those efforts.

Bob Bailey, CAER Executive Director, and Megan Lucas, CEO of the LRBA, talk about the value of the CAER-LRBA partnership in this short video:


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