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Corrosion, Its Control and Possibly Useful Operating Tactics
Half Day – Short Course

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Presented by: Jerry Davis, P.E.

Workshop Overview:
The fundamental characteristics of aqueous corrosion, the different forms of attack and the classic approaches to control for metallic materials will be reviewed. The effects of different operating variables and some tactics that can combat attack in particular applications will be discussed. Four Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) will be awarded to each attendee.

Who Should Attend:
Engineers and technical management personnel that have had or may experience metallic material failures in their work due to one of the forms of corrosion. They readily understand the consequences of these failures but their knowledge of practical means of controlling corrosion may be limited. The goal is to allow individuals in this situation to make better future decisions regarding this specialty subject.

Topical Outline:   

  1. Overview of the electrochemistry of aqueous corrosion of metals
  2. Detailed reviews of the several forms of corrosion
  3. Discussion of the effects on corrosion rates of important service & operating variables, e.g., temperature, pH, heterogeneous conditions, etc.
  4. Discussion of the four traditional methods of corrosion control, i.e., coatings and liners, resistant alloy selection, cathodic protection and chemical inhibitors.
  5. Potentially valuable corrosion control tactics to evaluate for specific applications.
  6. The general method and value of discounted life-cycle cost analyses for choosing between alternative control methods versus making decisions based only on initial costs.
  7. Suggested engineering reference sources.


Workshop Details:

Date – Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time –  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Location – CAER – Multipurpose Room

Fee –  $225.00 Per Person includes light refreshments, coffee, and bottled water

PDH’s – Attendees at this seminar will receive 4 PDH toward this requirement.

Note: Pre-Registration is required by the close of business on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Please contact Brittany Holt for additional details and to register.
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